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Evil Episodes #27 – A Grave Encounter with a Monster! Grave Encounter 1 &2 discussed, Monster Squad w/Jack from SlasherCast!

Hello, and welcome back to another installment of Evil Episodes!

It’s Episode 27, and this is another entry that is stacked and packed with all sorts of Horror goodness!

In the latest episode we start off with some news in the world of TV horror including more trailers and promos for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Asylum.
We also touch briefly on the season 7 premiere of Dexter, as well as discuss the latest trailers for The Waking Dead Game (Episode 4:”Around Every Corner”) and Black Ops 2′s first full trailer for it’szombie mode which is promising to be a major expansion on the zombie mode from past entries.

Then we get our monthly DVD releases segment from Jason of Horrorphilia, who always provides a pretty thorough list of just about every relevant release coming your way for the month! Be sure to get the low-down on everything headed to the shelf in the greatest month out of the year for horror!

Next, Jamie conducted an excellent interview with the Vicious brothers, directors of the sleeper hit Grave Encounters, and the writers/producers of Grave Encounters 2. The interview is preceded by our discussion of the original Grave Encounters, and followed by a review of Grave Encounters 2!

But that’s not it (I told you this one was packed) for the final segment of the show, we invite SlasherCastJack from, you guessed it, the Slashercast podcast on to discuss The Monster Squad for the brand new debuting “Introducing Kids to Horror” segment. Buckle your seatbelts as this discussion goes many places….it ended up being pretty unbelievable! Big thanks to SlasherCastJack for joining us!


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Thanks for Listening and as always….Don’t Touch That Dial!!!

Evil Episodes Podcast 26: Evil Electrified – Shocker & The Horror Show w/guest Doug Tilley

Welcome back for another edition of Evil Episodes!

On Episode #26 we get into some news from around the horror world, discuss our impressions of trailers for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D & Mama, and then get into some horror movies we have watched since the last episode.
We then welcome a returning guest Doug Tilley (@Doug_Tilley) of  http://dailygrindhouse.com/ and the No-Budget Nightmares podcast to discuss an electric double feature consisting of Shocker & The Horror Show (aka House III).  Doug is then kind enough to stick around for the latest installment of our Tales from the Darkside retrospective as we review another three episodes “A Case of the Stubborns”, “Djinn, No Chaser” and “All a Clone by the Telephone” All this and more on Episode #26 of the Evil Episodes Podcast!

You can contact the show via email at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com or via the brand new voicemail line at 760-661-7384We appreciate any and all feedback!

You can also follow the podcast and website twitter account @EvilEpisodes as well as @NoCalMike and @MavenJamie1974

Evil Episodes #25 – Dead Season review w/special guest Midnight Corey!

Welcome back for another installment of Evil Episodes!

This is the big #25 so a celebration of horror is in order!
We get right into things with the discussion on some of the horror stuff we’ve been watching since the last episode, including the first couple episodes of the new season of Syfy’s Face Off reality competition show. What do we think of the new cast?   Then we get into some news which was dominated mostly by promos and trailers for some of our favorite returning horror tv shows…can you guess which ones?
For this occasion we also welcome back the zombie podcasting king himself, Midnight Corey (from The Electric Chair podcast) to review Dead Season with us. Does this zombie flick stack up to the competition or will this be the next in a long line of throwaway titles that end up lost in the shuffle?
We then close this episode with the latest installment of our Tales from the Darkside retrospective covering another three episodes of the series which include Slippage, Inside the Closet, & Word processor of the Gods!

You can contact the show via email at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com or via the brand new voicemail line at 760-661-7384       We appreciate any and all feedback!

You can also follow the podcast and website twitter account @EvilEpisodes as well as @NoCalMike and @MavenJamie1974
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Evil Episodes Podcast – Episode #23 – Doug from ScaredStiff.TV, plus reviews of Absentia, Dead Heist, & Bones!

In our 23rd episode the show starts off with a mini-rant as we reveal a slight format change to the show effectively immediately.

What’s staying, what’s going? Tune in to find out.

It’s nothing huge, just a minor adjustment in how exactly we will be covering a certain medium of horror going forward.

Then we speak with Douglas A. Plomitallo of Scaredstiff.tv about the website & youtube channel which feature an entire series of horror shorts ranging into every sub-genre of horror, including a hilarious horror-wrestling parody called Horror Wrestling Federation (H.W.F.)  Douglas was also kind enough to stick around and review the indie horror flick Absentia as part of a brand new debuting segment for the podcast.  Finally we close the show out with Part 2 of the horror in the hood retrospective with reviews of Bones & Dead Heist!

Enjoy the show and please send all feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com and leave voicemails for the show at  760-661-7384!

Please visit and support ScaredStiff.tv and the site’s youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ScaredStiffTV 


Download:  Evil Episodes #23


Evil Episodes #22 – Bigfoot & Horror In the Hood part 1

Welcome back Evil Episodes Podcast #22!

In this episode Jamie & myself cover some horror news that came from San Diego Comic Con 2012 as well as discuss a few trailers for some upcoming Horror TV shows.
We then discuss SyFy’s finale to their “most dangerous month” of programming, Asylum’s BIGFOOT!
The episode closes with the first part of a “Horror In tha Hood” retrospective which is going to span a few episodes depending on how many flicks from this sub-genre we end up collecting over the next couple of weeks. The retrospective begins with discussions of “Mutant Vampire Zombies From the Hood” and “Gangs of the Dead” Are these worth a watch or will you simply want to turn the glock on yourself before sitting through ‘em? Find out now…..

Download:(right click–>Sav eAs)  Evil Episodes #22

Evil Episodes Podcast gets a voicemail line….so….use it!

Hey folks. I’ve been kicking around the idea for awhile to possibly add a voicemail line for the podcast.  Well, the time must have been right this past weekend because I went ahead and started one up and made sure to test it before I made this post.

Feel free to leave a message regarding the website, podcast, anything we discuss on either, etc etc…..I plan on playing the voicemails on the podcast as well so that could be considered an added bonus for you to use the voicemail line, right? Sure!  The process is simple, just call the voicemail number listed below and follow the simple instructions and then you’re done!

Oh and thanks to David from Devour the Podcast for letting me know about this particular service. It seems to be working great!

Evil Episodes #20 “And The Goods Have Been Delivered” Now available!

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode #20 extravaganza which also happens to be our debut on the Horrorphilia network!

This episode is packed, clocking in at just over three and a half hours of horror discussion making it the longest episode to date.
We told you we were going big for Episode #20 and the goods have been delivered!

In today’s show we get started as usual with some horror news followed by a review of Flava Flav’s Nite Tales movie and TV show. Then we are joined by Midnight Corey of The Electric Show podcast as well as former full-time cohost of Evil Episodes, Darrick, to discuss The Walking Dead video game’s first episode. Finally, we welcome yet another guest to the show, NewJerseyNick from Slashercast jumps on board to review the SYFY original flick, Jersey Shore Shark Attack!

This episode is a lot to handle so kudos to anyone who makes it through it one sitting! Dedication!

The following places are where you can find this week’s guests of the show. Check their podcasts out and tell ‘em Evil Episodes sent ya!

  • Midnight Corey:


  • NewJerseyNick


  • Jamie Jenkins



Download: (Right Click–>Save As) Evil Episodes #20

Evil Episodes Podcast will return shortly….so much evil to go around! Oh Yes!

Welcome to another update in the never-ending saga of horror podcasting ,

Just wanted to check-in and give a brief update and explanation for those wondering why the podcast has suddenly become unavailable. I made the decision to leave the “business of seriousness” network that was hosting the podcast. If you follow my twitter feeds ( @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes) than you probably already know the basics of the situation enough to where it doesn’t require a rehashing in this post. If not, go visit the twitter timeline and try to put the pieces together.

I mostly wanted to make sure one thing clear in this post. The podcast will continue. In fact, I have most of the new episode recorded already and am looking to get it posted soon. Before that can happen though, I need to find a new means to get the show hosted, a new feed, etc etc….this of course is not a complicated process in the least, but due to overwhemling support of my decision to leave “business of seriousness” network by listeners, and friends of the show such as Electric Chair , MidnightCorey , & Devour The Podcast (t0 name a few) I have some options to mull over as to how exactly I would like to proceed, and the best part is that none of the options are bad ones!

Thanks to all the readers of the site, listeners of the podcast and friends of the show, new and old, and don’t worry, neither the website nor the podcast are going anywhere!  HOORAY! *evil laugh*

Evil Episodes 017: Sometimes Dead Is Better!

Welcome back to episode 17 of Evil Episodes!

Darrick is back for the full episode this time around as we open up with a couple news items from the site, as well as a tidbit on an “interesting” casting choice for the second season of American Horror Story. From there I get into some horror games I have been playing recently including a game called Closure that has a free flash version available online right now!

After that we get into this week’s featured review which is a Chiller network original, GHOUL, which was adapted from Brian Keen’s novel about a mysterious creature living underground and keeping a town in fear once people start going missing!

The show closes with the latest edition of Horrorpiece Theater featuring a 1-2 punch of Pet Semetary 1 & 2. The original being an adaption of of the Stephen King novel of the same name. Does the movie hold up? Does the sequel offer a worthy follow-up? Tune in to find out!


Download: (Right Click – Save As) Evil Episodes #17

Hope you enjoy this latest effort! As always leave any feedback below and/or at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com

Evil Episodes 016: Throw The Kids In The River! Now Available!

Welcome back to the 16th installment of Evil Episodes!

This time around is sort of a make-shift episode. As I’ll be briefly explaining in the episode, this was originally going to be a lengthy discussion on The Walking Dead season 2. I had an all-star lineup of Bill Chete, ChrisROBO, and New Jersey Nick from Slashercast on with me. It was an excellent synopsis and breakdown of the show and each of us brought a unique perspective. Unfortunately the audio file corrupted and was sent straight to podcasting hell just about right after I hit stop on the recording. I did catch about 30 minutes of bonus footage of the four of us shootin’ the breeze on various horror topics that I will likely include as bonus footage in a future episode for that. So apologies for this, lets hope Walking Dead season 3 discussion plans turn out better!

For today, I bring you a discussion on another TV Horror series that just wrapped up it’s initial season, THE RIVER. Myself and Darrick had given some thoughts on the show previously but this was a more detailed and lengthy discussion. Darrick was actually out for this segment, so I called in a couple of fellows from The Slashercast, @TheHumanIMDB and @TheFlickist to share their thoughts on it as well.

Wrapping up the episode is the latest Horrorpiece Theater featuring a couple movies where the killers are kids. First up is Bloody Birthday, followed by Village of the Damned. (the remake) I know I am usually Mr. Originals guy, but when I do get around to reviewing the original it will probably be as a double feature with the original Children of the Damned.


Download:  Evil Episodes #16

Please check out @TheHumanIMDB & @TheFlickist on the Slashercast which comes out every week, offering over 2 hours of content and one hell of an awesome time at http://www.slashercast.net/ or on itunes by searching for Slashercast, and be sure to leave them a review as well!

Hope you enjoy this latest effort! As always leave any feedback below and/or at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com