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Mike reviews Hostel III…3 times the blood, gore, and torture? Eh….no.

By the time a franchise hits it’s third installment it is either really hitting it’s stride, figuring out what has worked best and amps it up to an almost over the top nature, (think: Saw 3, Puppetmaster 3) or you have the complete opposite where everything has sort of gone in reverse, put on cruise control, and it feels like the franchise is barely clinging on to life. Unfortunately Hostel III falls into the later category, however that isn’t to say it is all bad here. Read my review to by clicking on the image below to see if there is still enough good in Hostel III to make it worth your time!

Evil Episodes Podcast #10 – Silent Night Deadly Night/New Years Evil plus Horror Essentials: Torture-Porn!

Greetings everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday season! Evil Episodes Podcast is back for 2012 with a Holiday double-header of Silent Night Deadly Night & New Years Evil, as well as some brief discussion on Terra Nova season 1 finale and the debut of a brand new segment on the show called Horror Essentials where I will give you, the listeners a chance to get involved by suggesting movies for future installments! In this one we tackle a couple flicks from the “torture-porn” sub-genre. Hostel & A Serbian Film. Imagine show A Serbian Film to someone who has never heard about it, and without any context or forewarning of what they are about to see!?! Yep, it went pretty much as you’d expect!

Enjoy and please send any & all feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com


Download:Evil Episodes #10 – Holiday Special  (Right Click –>Save-As)