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Evil Episodes #11 – Horror Masters & Dolls who kill!

Hi everyone, extremely excited to debut on HORROR PALACE! Hope you’ve had time to browse the archives a bit because from here on out the new stuff will be rolling out bi-weekly! On this episode we watch a couple more episodes from the Masters of Horror series, “Pelts” & “The Deer Woman” as well as present another installment of horrorpiece theater with such “classics” as Dolls & Dolly Dearest! So come join us for Horror Masters and Dolls who kill! Enjoy and please send any & all feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com


Download: Right Click–>SaveAs Evil Episodes #11

Suggest an episode of Masters of Horror to be covered on Evil Episodes Podcast #4

So it looks like most if not all the Masters of Horror series has hit netflix instant streaming, so I have decided on the next podcast I will cover a couple of episodes for the main topic.  If you have any suggestions on which two episode from the series to cover, leave them in this thread or email them to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com

The flash style animated web-series XOMBIE: Dead on Arrival will be the lead in topic. The entire series is now on DVD and available to watch on netflix instant also.  If you’d like to get familiar with the subject material before the episode is posted sometime late next week check out the official page of XOMBIE, which also now has a sequel in the form of a comic book, here XOMBIFIED!

Which two episodes from this series will I discuss? Throw me a suggestion or leave it up to surprise!