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Guillermo Del Toro’s couch gag for Treehouse of Horror XXIV is frighteningly amazing!

Hey there!  I know besides the podcast itself I have been a damn ghost on here.  Truth is, I just don’t have the time right now to keep up with the website. The podcast is doing fine though thanks to being on Horrorphilia’s Podcast Network.

Anyways, just thought I’d post something to remind myself I still know how to use wordpress, (I do, thankfully).  Every year The Simpsons gives us a brand new episode of Treehouse of Horror right around Halloween. (and in the dark years, it was pushed until November, ugh) This year Guillermo Del Toro not only is responsible for one of the short stories, but also this amazing intro to the show.  Check it out…


Make sure to check out the latest Treehouse of Horror this Sunday on Fox!

Evil Episodes Podcast #9 now available! Bag of Bones, Dexter Season Finale, Steve Niles’ Remains, and more!

Episode #9.  Yes it’s true, I actually got a consecutive episode out in two weeks time! Hooray!  On this chilling episode we discuss Stephen King’s Bag of Bones adaption by Mick Garris on A&E, The season finale of Dexter’s 6th season, and Steve Nile’s Remains that aired on chiller.  We also manage to mix in some talk about beer, alcohol and some other non-horror related stuff.  As always send all feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com and please enjoy what is probably the final episode of 2011!  Have a great holiday season & we’ll see you in 2012 for some more Evil Episodes!


Download: (right click-Save As) Evil Episodes Podcast #9

Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #3 Now online! You’ll all float down here as we discuss Stephen King’s IT!

Welcome to another edition of Evil Episodes Podcast!  To get things kicked off a I pimp out a few of my writings & reviews from the last week or so, then get into some news and lead in with History Channel’s Documentary “Gates of Hell”  After that I welcome in my good friend Darrick as we discuss Stephen King’s IT.  This was Darrick’s first venture into the podcasting realm. Personally, I thought he did great.  If you enjoyed his appearance, throw him some kudos in this thread or by sending feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com  Hope you enjoy the show! Third time’s the charm, right!?!

Or  To Download (right click–>save as) Evil Episodes Podcast #3

Evil Episodes Podcast #1 – Now Available!

Here we go! The long awaited, much  anticipated(right?)debut episode of the Evil Episodes Podcast! I won’t lie, it starts out kind of rough. Took a bit for me to get into the groove. However once my special guests joined me, the conversation really got going and I think it turned out pretty good!

You can hear the episode by clicking play below, or as this post continues to get pushed down as more articles get published, there will be a link to the current episode in the upper-left corner of the homepage!

In this, the debut episode. I briefly explain what the show is roughly all about, cover a few news items from the site, talk TheDeadMustDie web series, MTV Teen Wolf, and then move onto the main topic of the episode TheWalkingDead Season 1 episodes 1-3.  Robin & Julie of AlteredRealitiesRadio join me for the main topic as well as helping me close the show with some side chatter as we discuss True Blood Season 4(first 2 episodes) as well as The Killing season 1, and a bunch of random stuff! Total run time on this one is about 90mins. I hope you enjoy, be gentle, this is my first go at a solo cast….(hopefully won’t be solo for too long, right….someone, anyone?)

*Warning: spoiler-ific discussion below*

or download by right-clicking & saving the following link:

Evil Episodes Episode #1